Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Treading water

I took off from work today and stopped off at Office Max to pick up a replacement chair for the one that became a casualty of the sidewalk crack outside the HRFF show last weekend. I did not realize how bad that chair had gotten until I got this new one back to the house and put together. Three adjustments, mesh back, lumbar support...this thing does everything except give a mid-tie massage... Definitely tying in style now. As you can see above I had my usual helper for the evening. Amazingly enough, when she sets up shop in my lap and lays her head down to watch she never goes after material. Weird cat...

Been able to keep up lately with the flies that need tied by keeping some late hours. Basically treading water until the show season is over which gives me back a few days a week to put towards orders. Tonight I finished up a bunch of GHB Sculpins and then started on the Red Rockets to fill this order, but this is as far as I got and where the night ends. Off to bed I go to listen to the freezing rain as it coats everything and makes tomorrow morning very interesting.
-mike schmidt


  1. If you want to take your tying comfort to the next level, I suggest getting the extension arm that goes with the c-clamp. You won't be disapointed.

  2. I generally like to tie with the vise a little higher than the extension arm allows, but I know a lot of people that love it. Will have to give it a closer look!

  3. I've often wished my vises had more height to them. They are too low and tend to let me hunch over too much and end up with back pain.