Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, I used to think Feenstra tied flashy flies...

...then I got an order for some custom Howell's Prom Dresses. Kevin is going to have to invent something new to out bling these bad boys! Maybe flies tied with fiber optics...hmmmm.....
These flies are destined to be swung on Pacific fish later on this year. They are 3.5" of Flashabou tied on a cut shank Mustad 3366, with a loop of 50lb Fireline off the back ready to be loaded up with Owner 1/0 stingers. These particular HPDs are 50/50 blue and silver, and 66/33 gold and silver. Fish will be blinded with desire to hammer these...or maybe just blinded.
-mike schmidt


  1. Do those have to be delivered by an Escalade or will the standard postal buggy suffice?

  2. I believe a Postal Jeep will be used, but it will have low-pro tires and spinners.