Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buckeye United Fly Fishers show weekend

What a crazy packed weekend this was! Left work early on Friday to head down to Cincinnati for a weekend of teaching and tying. Got it all rolling on Friday night with a 15 person articulated streamer class put on just down the street from the convention hall. It was a really fun group that performed extremely well at the vise. We were able to cover three styles of articulation by doing a Senyo Sculpin, Hawk Sculpin, and Meal Ticket followed by a demo tie of the Red Rocket.

It was a nice set up to tie and teach with; had a over the shoulder camera with a small feed in front of me and projecting on a large screen behing me. With the prototype double headed light from Alert Stamping there was certainly no problem with light!

On Saturday morning I made it over to the show location and got my table all set up then had the first two hours of the show to tie up some flies and talk with people stopping by. At 11 I made my way over to the lecture room to perform a lecture on articulation styles. The room was packed, a few hundred people, so I was pretty stoked to see that turn out...then I realized I forgot my threads at my table...crap. After grabbing my thread I proceeded with a full hour covering the styles and flies that I had done the night before. It was fantastic for me to see that sort of enthusiasm for streamers.

By the end of the day my table was pretty well rummaged through! It was great to see everyone down at the BUFF show, and I had a great time tying next to Tom Gribble.

No rest for the wicked today, dug in and knocked out a few more orders to get in the mail tomorrow. The Double Deceivers and Red Rockets above are all going to a regular customer that obviously loves chucking streamers for big fish! The next few days I get to switch gears and knock out some smaller trout bugs...
-mike schmidt


  1. It was great meeting you Mike. Did you get your articulation siminar on film? I would love to see it, as you certainly seem to be one of the innovators at this time. Good luck till next time. Ron

  2. Looks like you had a great time! That light does look pretty awesome!

  3. Thanks Ron, great to meet you as well. I was talking to Jim Stuard after the lecture and we were both laughing that we used the camera for the lecture but did not record anything...just passed through. Next time I will think ahead so we can pull it in to Director to clean it up and put out a movie.

    The light is really nice. For most tying the FTL100 (single light) is great but for the stuff I tie over 6 inches that double really provides an excellent light source without bleed off at the head and tail of the fly. It should be through manufacturing and ready to hit the market within the next two months.