Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few flies from today and the '50 Followers Giveaway' winner!

After a full day on the water on Saturday I had to dig in today to get some tying knocked out. Orders are packed up and ready to hit the mail in the morning to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oregon and California! Above are a few of the flies tied up today; Red Rocket, Voodoo Squatch, Robinsons Munchable Minnow and Meal Ticket.

Also excited to see that the site has now exceeded 50 Followers, so it is time to give away a few flies. Ran the Followers through a randomizer and the winner is......ZAK! Congratulations man. Shoot me an email with your name, number, address, and preferred colors (if you have any) and I will get your flies added to the list. If everyone who is a follower gets just one friend to join in the fun then we will get to the '100 Follower Giveaway' in no time!


  1. My odds are just going to get worse. Well, you didn't win my giveaway either. I'd do a fly exchange with you, but it would be woefully tilted in my favor. Love your tying man, I'll take a class from you one of these days.

  2. I am sure we can work something out Jason. It would be worth it for me to send you some just to read some of your top notch writing about them! Been digging your blog my friend, some of the best pure writing out there the last fwe weeks. Shoot me an email or catch me on Skype some night.