Friday, March 4, 2011

New ACF addition: the Senyo Egg Raider

Did I make fun of the Egg Raider the first time I saw it with the Shaggy Dub head? Yup.
Did I make fun of it after fishing it hard and driving home with hands stinking of fish? Nope.
Did Greg hit it out of the park with this one? Absolutely!

The Senyo Egg Raider is one of those flies that in the water just has a sexy wiggle to it. It is tied on a cut shank front hook with a Gamagatsu Drop Shot trailer. It doesn't really look like a minnow nor does it really look like a sculpin, but based on the fishes reaction to it the fly must really look like food. Though I have not yet personally had it out in warmwater conditions, I am excited to get the olive version with a pale yellowish bead out on Lakes St Clair and Erie in search of smallies in a few months.

After talking to Greg about it the fly will be available through the Anglers Choice Flies site in black, tan, olive, white w/green, and white w/blue. The Senyo Egg Raider will be up and available by this time tomorrow.

-mike schmidt

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  1. That is a crazy looking streamer Mike! Don't be afraid to send a few my way.