Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick update and a nice fish from out east

Nothing super exciting coming from the ACF desk this week, just lots and lots of flies being cranked out. Thanks to a bit of snow in central Ohio we got a little bump in the water levels and some added stain to our rivers; from what I understand fishing was great the last few days. I really hope that holds true through the weekend as I intend to get out and harass some fish.

Last week I heard from Stephen Shen and Bob Lewis, guides at the Delaware River Club, about some success they'd had on the Delaware with the Red Rocket. Pictures made it today of one of the fish with the Rocket still hooked up....great looking fish guys!

I did get the shots taken of the Mufasa as I tied up more replacements for this weekend. Once I get the shots cleaned up I will get a step by step posted for those that have been asking about it. Hopefully I will also have more shots of it in fish mouths from this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear lil' Stevie Shen got a few toads. He's an ace and a top tier brownie lover, quite the looker as well!!!!

    Nice meaty morsel....