Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hoops, Lesson, Alley, Valley, and a little tying

It has been quite a busy few days. After the traditional day of basketball watching and cocktails on Thursday the rest of my waking hours were spent at the vise or on the water. Frankly I am exhausted and headed to bed, so I hope you will forgive me a picture heavy post.

Some of the weekends haul of flies ready to hit the post in the morning. Some Double Deceivers, Glow Doubles, Fin Clips, Impossihex and Simple Stones.

Nate is a buddy that is learning to tie flies with me and came over on Saturday for an hour casting lesson....and it was an hour of firsts for him. First cast with a fly rod, casting a fly from his first night of tying, and landing his first fly caught fish! I would not say that this monster of the deep put too much stress on the new rig, but am sure it is one he will not forget.

The lesson was in advance of Nate's first experience on Sunday for both fly fishing as well as wade fishing. Nate had a lot to think about as we made our way through a long stretch of river and by the end of the day had a very respectable streamer cast and retrieve going for himself.

A few shots from 'the Alley' on Friday

A shot from 'the Valley' on Sunday. This feisty little brown came on the third cast of the day. What it lacked in size it made up for in heart.

A shot of Erik, from Streamside Custom Rod and Guide Service, and Tom hoisting a solid Michigan brown with a Cotton Candy Rainbow still getting chewed on.

Another Cotton Candy victim.

-mike schmidt

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