Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A few flies from tonight...03.01.2011

OK...so maybe it was the last few nights.

As bad as I want to keep this batch of flies, this order is headed to northern Michigan in the morning and I am off to bed early tonight. Tomorrow I will get going on the next set and have week three of the advanced tying class at Mad River Outfitters.

Today we hit 25 followers, so we are half way to some free flies out the door...

-mike schmidt


  1. I really like your firefly from your site and looks like you are making some amazing stuff!! Great job!

  2. Thanks man, it is nice to see the time put in is resulting in some solid flies.
    That Firefly is a Harrison Steeves pattern. Good stuff to be sure as are all his terrestrials.

  3. nice work- as always!
    tight Lines,
    see you on the water~

  4. WOW!I need to place a order sometime for the white. Keep up the great work always nice to see.

  5. Thanks Koz. Definitely catch you on the water at some point this year. Can't wait to get up and hit the AuSable for a few days then head over to TC and carp the bays with my brother!

    I appreciate the kind words darkhorse. Had a number of flies on the White the last few months that did really well despite the up and down weather. I can definitely send some winners your way when you are ready.