Thursday, March 10, 2011

SQUATCH!!! to be continued...

Hammered out some orders and got packed up for the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo, then got some Voodoo Squatchs in progress. Articulation points are all set and I am spent... Time to hit the sack for some shut eye as the next few nights in Detroit Rock City won't likely allow for much sleep.

-mike schmidt


  1. Sounds/looks like you were busy last night! I've heard that show tomorrow is one of the best in the country! I hope to make the drive out there someday and check it out. Have a fun and take some pictures to share!

  2. those are sweet! You should post a material list for them, Mostly what hooks you are using

  3. @GFP - It is a big show...definitely the largest and most well attended in the Midwest. Lots of great vendors, outfitters and tyers.

    @Dustin - Thanks man. I posted a full step by step of the pattern here back on 02.21.